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  • How to request a Dropbox Team Folder
  • Request a Dropbox Team folder for use with sensitive data, such as Protected Health Information (PHI)


Dropbox Team Folders are created by request for groups, teams, or departments. There is a 30 character limit when creating the Team Folder Name. 

Note: Students, temporary staff and sponsored affiliates can't create Team Folders. Only those with official HR appointments at U-M can do so. 

Warning: MCommunity groups larger than 1000 members will not sync to U-M Dropbox. Therefore, do not choose an MCommunity group with more than 1000 members as the owner of your Team Folder.

  • Complete the Dropbox Team Folders Request Form 
  • It can take up to 24 hours for the U-M Dropbox Team folder to be created.
    Please note, a confirmation email will not be sent after submitting the U-M Dropbox Team folder request. An email will only be sent after the U-M Dropbox Team folder has been created stating: "You've been added to the "<team folder name>" group."
  • U-M Dropbox Team folders get their membership from the Members of the associated MCommunity group. Being an owner will not be sufficient.
  • See Team folders: an overview for information on how to share content inside Team Folders
  • See the Sensitive Data Guide for information about using Dropbox with Protected Health Information and other types of sensitive data

Additional Information

  • Individuals, including owners, must be members of the MCommunity group to view the Team Folder content. 
  • If you are not an owner in the root-level MCommunity group, you will not see the Team Folder in your Dropbox account. You will only see the individual subfolders from the Team Folder in your All Files view.
  • Team Folders are designed to share data that is automatically synced for all group members. Both files and folders inside a Team Folder can be shared externally. Content in the Team Folder is owned by the MCommunity group, which is also where Team Folder membership is managed.
  • Since students cannot request a Team Folder, they can create and share folders from Dropbox to other students. 
  • If a student, temp, sponsored affiliate tries to submit a Team Folder they might see a page that says "that team name is in use. Please start over again" before they are even allowed to enter anything. See attached.

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