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In 2022, Google announced a proposed timeline for the rollout of a new "integrated view" in Gmail that would further merge Google Chat and Meet within Gmail on the web. For details on and steps for the entire proposed timeline, refer below.

Note: Google has been known to change their rollout timelines randomly and often without notifying customers. For this reason, the exact dates and timing below are according to Google and may be subject to change.


Google's Proposed Timeline

February 28, 2022

Google began to roll out a notification that appeared in the lower right corner of Gmail, inviting you to try the new experience before it became the default in April 2022. You had the option to opt-in by clicking the Try it now button in the notification. (This notification no longer appears.)

Gmail notification asking users to try the new Gmail integrated view

April 2022

Google automatically switched users who had not opted-in to the new experience by default, but users could still revert back to the original Gmail view in their settings. (This option is no longer available.)

January 27, 2023

Originally, Google had stated that they would remove the option to revert back to the original Gmail view "by the end of Q2 2022." However, Google was no longer communicating updates to this timeline to anyone, so U-M was unaware of the new January 27, 2023, date until the day of.

The new Gmail integrated view became the standard experience for everyone in Gmail on January 27, 2023, and there is no longer an option to revert back to the original view. In addition, this standardization of the new view means users can no longer configure Chat to display on the right side of Gmail (known as "right-side chat").

Additional Information

Google Help Center: Learn about the new integrated Gmail layout

Biggest changes:

  • Right-side chat is no longer an option
  • When you get a new chat or space message, the notification appears in the bottom left corner in a "bubble." When you hover over the bubble, a message preview displays

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