Maintain My MiWorkspace Workstation - Best Practice




To provide best practice tips for system health for MiWorkspace customers


  • Weekly:
    • Click the yellow Block M icon in the toolbar/taskbar to run Software Center/Managed Software Center
      • Check if there are any outstanding updates.
        • Windows:
          • Click on the Updates section for new updates.
          • Click on Installation Status section for failed updates that need to be retried.
          • Restart your machine for those that require a restart.
        • Macs:
          • Click the Updates tab for new updates.
      • Restart your machine. Security updates typically require a reboot to fully installed.
  • As needed:
    • Install the latest OS updates.
    • Regularly restart your computer
      • Schedule a convenient time (before starting work or at the end of the day)
      • Restarting can solve many unexplained issues

NOTE:  Apple and Microsoft stop supporting old operating systems and discontinue security patching.

By not upgrading, you are putting your data and the data of the University at risk.


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