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How do I create an appointment schedule in Google Calendar?


Note: Appointment schedules are different from appointment slots in Google Calendar. Learn more about the differences between the two features.

To create an appointment schedule in Google Calendar:

  1. Go to U-M Google Calendar.
  2. Ensure the appointment schedule setting is turned on for your account.
    1. Click the gear icon in the top right and select Settings.
    2. Click Appointment schedules under General in the left sidebar.
    3. Check the "Create appointment schedules instead of appointment slots" box.
  3. Click the left-pointing arrow in the top left to return to your calendar view.
  4. Click the Create button in the top left and select Appointment schedule.
  5. Fill out your booking page information as desired.

Learn more about customizing your appointment schedule booking page and settings.

Additional Information

  • You can create appointment schedules on secondary calendars, including shared ones.
    • Everyone with permission to use the secondary calendar can make changes to the schedule and view all bookings.
    • The appointment schedule can check the secondary calendar for availability but cannot check the availability of all users with access to the secondary calendar.
  • You can add up to 20 co-hosts to your appointment schedule. (Previously, it wasn't possible to allow access to other people on your Google appointment schedule.)
    • You cannot add MCommunity groups or external (non-UM) users as a co-host.
    • Co-hosts cannot view appointment schedule details or make changes. However, if the schedule was created on a shared calendar, the co-host will have access to view details or make changes.
    • Bookings will be visible on the host’s and co-hosts’ primary calendars.
  • Account delegates have access to edit and delete your appointment schedules on your primary calendar.
  • You can select “Check calendars for availability” to allow Google to check availability on multiple calendars you select (including co-hosts' if you are subscribed to their calendar).
  • You cannot use both appointment schedules and appointment slots at the same time. You can only have one enabled for your account at a time.

Important: According to Google, the appointment slots feature will be replaced by the appointment schedules feature on July 18, 2024. If you use appointment slots, you will begin to notice banners on March 20 when viewing existing or creating new slots on your calendar. More guidance from ITS on recommended ways to transition your appointment slots to schedules is coming soon.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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