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How to download the Dropbox Application / Client.


You can access Dropbox via a web browser or File Explorer or Finder. If you would like to use local Office applications with U-M Dropbox, such as Word, you have to install the Dropbox desktop application.

  • If you have a personal computer, you can install Dropbox at
  • If you have a MiWorkspace computer, you can self install Dropbox via Software Center
  • Michigan Medicine made the Dropbox application available to all CoreImage PCs through the Software Center. Visit the Michigan Medicine Help Center for instructions on downloading Dropbox (UMICH Level-2 credentials required for access). CoreMac users should download the application through Michigan Medicine customers can contact HITS at for additional support. 

See Dropbox: Signing Into the Desktop Application / Client for instructions on how to sign into the Dropbox application / client.

Additional Information

If working with sensitive data, please see: Dropbox: Google Drive and Microsoft Office Integrations with PHI and HIPAA-Regulated Data.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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