Law School Student Printing


Law School Student Printing 


Law student receives a charge for Sites Printing when they wanted to print using a Law School Printer


Law students receive two separate printing allowances per term, a law school printing allowance and the standard university printing allowance:

Law School printing allowance

University printing allowance

  • All U-M students receive $24.00 for printing to any Campus Computing Sites printer (provided and maintained by the University). B&W and color impressions are charged at $0.06 and $0.23 per 8.5"x11" impression, respectively.  Research Scholars do not get this additional quota
  • There are three Sites printers located in the Law School: Reading Room and Jeffries Hall Student Lounge. The Sites printers print single-sided by default. Printing directed to the Sites printers will be charged from the student $24.00 (400-pgs at $0.06 per printed side) ITS printing quota, not from their Law School printing quota
  • More information on University printing allowance:

Additional Information

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