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How can I print when I don't have an automatic allocation assigned to me?  Can I use a provisioned or short code account?


Guest accounts/adding funds to a print account

Guests or those who wish to add money to their print account can purchase a Guest MCard, or may add funds to their existing MCard account with a credit card at any TechShop location. See for more information.

Print using a U-M shortcode, only when authorized

Authorized individuals can create an MPrint Account to print with a U-M Shortcode.  They may also be added to an MCommunity group that is already set up with printing funds.

Note: If you are not the authorized shortcode manager for your department, work with that person to create the MPrint account.

For Shortcode Managers:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the +CreateNewAccount button                                                                                            
  3. Choose User or MCommunity Group (for more then one individual) the MCommunity Group will need to be created prior to this request
    1. Follow these instructions: if you need to create an MCommunity group
  4. Enter the U-M Shortcode
  5. Choose Yes or No for quota
    1. Non-quota accounts will be created instantly (or within a few minutes)
      1. A non-quota account is an account that does not affiliate any sort of "quota" or dollar amount to any users
      2. Those with access to this account will start receiving a pop up from PaperCut prompting them to select an account for each print job or copy job
      3. A shortcode can only used with ONE non-quota account
        1. An error message will appear indicating that a shortcode is already in use if trying to create account(s) with a shortcode in use with a different account
        2. Contact the ITS Service Center if you have questions  
    2. Quota accounts take up to 24 hours for processing
      1. Quota (restricted) accounts do not prompt the user, but rather add a given quota amount to the user's balance in PaperCut
        1. If it is applied to a group, each user in the group receives the quota, the quota is not split amongst the group 
  6. Add the administrator for the account
    1. Choose the appropriate field and type in the uniqname or MCommunity Group
  7. Click Submit
  8. Your request will be processed after approval by the MPrint team.

For People who are Not Shortcode Managers (but are faculty/staff):

  1. Work with your department's contact for administrative functions (shortcodes, approvals, etc.) to inquire about options for printing on the department's budget.

Print job cost

Jobs printed to a black/white printer cost $0.06/page, and jobs printed to a color printer cost $0.23/page. Tabloid (11 x 17) pages cost double, and poster prints cost $0.35/inch of poster length.

Additional Information

Individuals can determine how many pages they have printed at the MPrint Accounts page.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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