iPhone/iPad Mail - No Longer Receiving/Can't Send Emails with U-M Email


The ITS Collaboration Team recommends using only apps and clients created and supported by Google or web browsers to connect to U-M Google accounts. Third-party apps and clients are created by a group or company other than Google. Google does not support the use of third-party apps or incidents that might result from using them. For more information about using third-party apps to access U-M Google mail, please see Third-Party Mail Clients or Apps and U-M Google Mail.


iPhone/iPad, iPhone/iPad Mail application


  • New emails are no longer appearing for the U-M email inbox in Mail
  • Unable to send emails from U-M email in Mail ("Cannot Send Mail The connection to the outgoing server...failed.")
  • When attempting to Share a resource using the Mail option with your U-M email, the recipient never receives the message


This issue is generally caused by a UMICH password reset, which logs you out of your U-M account across devices and applications. As a result, you need to log in to the account with the new password to enable receiving and sending emails again. To re-authenticate:

  1. Go to your iPhone's/iPad's Settings app
  2. Scroll down and select the Mail app option
  3. Select Accounts
  4. Select the Gmail account for your U-M email
    • If your U-M email is listed as non-Gmail option, select that instead
  5. Click Continue on the prompt about "'Settings' Wants to Use 'google.com' to Sign In"
    • If you aren't being prompted for login but you're seeing - Account    <uniqname>@umich.edu - tap your email address, and you should be prompted to re-enter your UMICH password
  6. On Google's Sign in page, type in your uniqname@umich.edu address and click Next
    • You'll be re-directed to the WEBLOGIN page
  7. On the WEBLOGIN page, Log In with your uniqname (in all lowercase) and password
    • If your device is set up to automatically fill in this information, we suggest deleting that information and typing in the uniqname and new password directly
    • The password that is automatically filled in tends to be the old password - which will lead to a "Password or Account Name incorrect" error
  8. If you receive the Two-Factor Authentication Required page, complete the two-factor authentication like normal
    • It's recommended to use the Call Me option for Duo Two-Factor Authentication to avoid being navigated away from the Settings page.

After successful log in, you should be taken to a page displaying your U-M email address and the services you can use with the account (Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Notes). You should now be able to send and receive emails with your U-M email on your Mail app like normal again.

Additional Information

Note: The ITS Collaboration Team recommends that you only use apps and applications created and supported by Google (like the Gmail app) or web browsers to connect to U-M Google accounts. Google does not support the use of apps other than the ones created and supported by Google. 

For instructions on setting up the Gmail app, please see Access U-M Google Email Through a Phone or Tablet

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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