Dropbox: Permanently Delete Files and Folders


U-M Dropbox


Who can permanently delete files and folders from U-M Dropbox, and how can they do so?


Files and folders in U-M Dropbox can only be permanently deleted by:

  • The owner of the data, or
  • The person who uploaded the data if no one else has taken any actions on the data. 

Other collaborators with editing access will be able to send data to the trash when selecting to delete it, but they aren't able to delete it from the trash permanently.

Permanently Delete Files in Dropbox

  1. Go to U-M Dropbox.
  2. Click Deleted files in the left sidebar.
    • Optional: The filtering options on the right side of the Deleted files page can be used to filter results as needed.
  3. Select the data that should be permanently deleted from the trash.
  4. Click Permanently delete on the right side of the page. (The Permanently delete and Restore options will replace the filtering options after selecting a file or folder.)
  5. Click Permanently delete again to confirm.
Note: Subfolders and files in Team Folders cannot be permanently deleted. You will receive the message "Ask the owner to help permanently delete this" if this is attempted. We recommend moving the contents of the folder outside the Team Folder and permanently deleting the files from an individual account.

More information regarding deleting Dropbox data can be found in the Dropbox Help Center.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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