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What is the "Channel Manager" role and how does it work?


Whenever someone creates a new channel (public, private, multi-workspace, or Slack Connect), they are automatically assigned the Channel Manager role for that channel. Channel Managers can take administrative actions on channels to which they're assigned, including:


  • Workspace Admins also have the ability to add or remove Channel Managers, but they must be members of the channel to do so.
  • Members assigned as Channel Managers must be existing members of the channel.
  • The assigned members will receive a notification and message in-channel when assigned as a Channel Manager that is only viewable to them (but won't receive a notification if they're removed).
  • There is no limit on the number of channels an individual user can manage.

All existing channels in U-M Slack workspaces have had the Channel Manager role retroactively assigned to those who created them. You can view who the Channel Managers are for a specific channel by clicking the channel name drop-down, opening the About tab, and looking under the “Managed by” section. Alternatively, you can also open the Members tab and look for the "Channel Manager" badge beside their name.

Refer to the Slack Help Center for more information on Channel Managers.

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