Creating a New Google Calendar Secret Address


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How to create a new Google Calendar secret address.


Google has informed us that any third-party apps, like Outlook or Apple Calendar, accessing your Google Calendar using what is called a "secret address," will be reset between May 25 and June 6, 2021. As a result, your secret addresses will no longer work. To continue using the secret address functionality and avoid any disruption in your workflows, you must create a new secret address as soon as possible, before May 25, 2021.

Create a new secret address

To create a new Google Calendar secret address:

  1. Go to U-M Google Calendar on your computer
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right and select Settings
  3. Click the name of the calendar for which you want to create the secret address from the left panel, under "Settings for my calendars"
  4. Scroll to the Integrate calendar section and copy the link under "Secret address in iCal format"
  5. Paste the link as directed by your other calendar application (e.g., Outlook or Apple Calendar). Refer to the Google Help Center for more information on syncing your Google Calendar to third-party applications

Caution: We strongly recommend that only applications created and supported by Google be used to connect to U-M Google accounts. Using third-party apps not provided by Google is at your own risk and could lead to university data loss.

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