Using Cyberduck: Creating Folders, Moving and Viewing Files, and More


Cyberduck, AFS, macOS, Windows


Cyberduck can be used at the University of Michigan to access files on various servers using SFTP (including AFS, MiStorage CIFS, Great Lakes, Armis 2, and Lighthouse).

How can a user create folders, view files, download files and more in Cyberduck?


Creating Folders in Cyberduck

To create new folders:

  1. Click the File menu
  2. Select New Folder
  3. Enter the name of your new folder

Note: Avoid using spaces in folder names.

Viewing files and contents

Cyberduck doesn’t allow you to view without downloading the files. 

  1. Select a file you would like to view
    1. Double click the file to download
    2. A message will appear saying download is complete
  2. Double-click on the file downloaded
    1. There will be 2 copies of the file; one in AFS and another one in the download window
    2. Note: If you have done this twice, it will open up the Overwrite window
      1. Select Continue
  3. To remove the document and put it in Trash
    • Windows users - click Remove from the taskbar at the top of the transfer window
    • macOS - click the file and select move to Trash

Downloading Files and Contents

Cyberduck will allow you to transfer a single file or an entire folder. The Download Folder specifies the folder on your computer that you would like to automatically download.

  1. Select the file you would like to download and drag the contents to your desktop or a location of your choice.  Note: You can stop downloading of files by clicking stop above the transfer tab
  2. Once downloaded you can open the files or folders

Uploading Files 

  1. Select Upload from the taskbar in Cyberduck
  2. From the Open window, select the file that you want to upload
  3. Click Choose

Note:  You also have the option to drag and drop files into the SFTP window from your computer. It will open the Transfer window with Cyberduck. The file will be highlighted in the SFTP window.

Moving Files

The Browser window is the main part of the application window in Cyberduck. The folders and files that you see in the Browser window can be thought of as a Finder (Mac) or Explorer (PC) window for your FTP server. Therefore, transferring files with Cyberduck simply involves dragging files from one window to another. Select File to move.

Transferring Files

The Transfers window allows you to track the status of file transfers. The Transfer window is located on the taskbar of Cyberduck. The Transfers window will display:

  • The direction of the transfer (noted with an arrow pointing up or down)
  • The transferred file name
  • The status of the transfer (Transferring, Complete, Incomplete)
  • The size of the file

Deleting Files

  1. Select File or Folder to delete
  2. Right Click on the file or folder
  3. Select Delete or press delete on your computer

Additional Information

For information about downloading, installing and running Cyberduck, see Knowledge Article #7263, Getting Started with Cyberduck: Downloading, Installing, and Running Cyberduck.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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