Dropbox: Managing Notifications




Customers would like to receive notifications for modifications to folders & files stored in Dropbox. 


The Dropbox email notification settings at https://www.dropbox.com/account/notifications are deactivated within U-M Dropbox. As a workaround, the customer can enable email notifications for each specific folder or enable desktop notifications through the Dropbox app. 

Email Notifications:

  1. Go to https://dropbox.umich.edu/.
  2. Open the folder for which you want to receive notifications.
  3. Click the "Follow" button near the top of the page.
  4. Check the appropriate checkboxes for the type of email notifications and how often you should be notified.
  5. Click Confirm.

After clicking "Confirm," a banner will appear at the bottom of the page stating, "Notification options for "Folder-Name" have been set," followed by a confirmation email from no-reply@dropbox.com. 
When a file within the folder is modified, the customer will receive an email from no-reply@dropbox.com outlining the changes to the folder.

Desktop Notifications:

  1. Open the Dropbox desktop app preferences per the instructions at https://help.dropbox.com/installs-integrations/desktop/view-preferences.
  2. Click the "Notifications" tab.
  3. Select the appropriate checkboxes for the type of desktop notifications to be received.
  4. Click "Apply" then "OK."

The customer should receive pop-up notifications on their computer.
The notifications will appear in the bottom-right corner on Windows or in the top-right corner on macOS.

Additional Information

The email notifications can only be set on folders in Dropbox, not with individual files.
If the customer is not receiving email notifications, it will be best to ensure that the emails are not being filtered or directed to spam. 

External collaborators do not have the option to Follow.


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