Google: Visual Updates to the Account Sign-In Page (2024)




Google will be making minor visual updates to the Google account sign-in page at the end of February and early March 2024.


Important: This change does not affect the U-M Weblogin screen or the process for logging in to your U-M Google account. It is only a visual change to Google’s sign-in page.

Graphic comparing the current version of the Google sign-in page on the left side and an arrow pointing to the new version of the sign-in page on the right side.

Some of the visual changes will include:

  • A simplified Google logo (Capital “G” instead of the name “Google”).
  • The sign-in page adjusts to your screen’s size to better accommodate large and wide screens.

Visit the Google Help Center to learn more about the new Google sign-in page.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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