New Dell Laptop Camera Does Not Seem to Work


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You cannot get the camera on your Dell laptop to work.  


Check and make sure that the lens cap on your Dell Laptop is not closed. 

  1. When you look at the camera a small red dot will appear if the camera is closed
  2. If you see the red dot, slide the ridged switch (at the top edge of the computer above the red dot) to the left so you no longer see the red dot
  3. The camera should now work

See additional information below for pictures if necessary.

Additional Information

This picture shows the camera lens closed.  Note: The switch is flipped to the right.

A picture of the closed Dell Camera Switch. The switch is switched to the right.

This picture shows the camera lens as open. Note: the switch is flipped to the left.

The lens in this picture is open and the switch on the Dell is switched to the left.

For those who haven't been able to really see the switch because it's not very easy to notice, here is a picture of someone helpfully pointing the switch out at the very edge of the laptop lid.

A student pointing at the switch on the Dell Laptop Webcam

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