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What is the Working Locations feature in Google Calendar? How do I access it?


The working locations feature in Google Calendar allows you to let others know where you typically work each week. The feature is off by default, but users may encounter a pop-up when visiting Google Calendar that encourages them to set their working location. 

Google Calendar working locations pop-up box that appears asking if you'd like to set your location.

Turn on and set working location in Calendar

  1. Go to Google Calendar
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right corner and select Settings from the drop-down menu
  3. Find and click the Working hours & location section from the left sidebar
  4. Check the Enable working location box
  5. Select the days you work and enter your working location for each day

The available "locations" include:

  • Office
  • Home
  • Unspecified
  • Add a location

Important things to know

  • When your calendar is shared with someone with at least free/busy visibility, they can view your working location
  • When you make changes to your working location in Settings, the changes only apply to the current day and future days
  • To turn off your working location, go to your Google Calendar Settings
    • In the Working hours & location section, uncheck the Enable working location box
  • After you turn off your working location, the location bar and your working locations are removed from your calendar
  • You are only able to set one working location per day

Additional Information

For additional assistance, contact the ITS Service Center.


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