Disconnect a Slack Connect or Multi-Workspace Channel From a Workspace


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I have a channel that is a multi-workspace channel or a Slack Connect channel, and I would like to disconnect (i.e., unshare) it. 


Workspace Admins can request a channel be disconnected by reaching out to ITS. Please provide the following information:

  • What is the channel name?
  • What workspace is the channel in? (Note: You must be an admin in this workspace.)
  • What is the name of the workspace from which you are disconnecting, and is it another U-M Slack workspace or an external (non-UM) workspace?
  • If it is another U-M workspace, who is the Workspace Admin with whom we can confirm this disconnect?

Additional Information

Need additional assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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Wed 8/17/22 9:31 AM
Wed 8/17/22 12:53 PM

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Use this form to request that an existing channel in one workspace be made available to a second U-M Slack workspace. This form must be completed by an administrator of the workspace in which the channel currently resides. Please note that the channel's privacy setting (public vs. private) will be the same in all workspaces in which the channel resides.