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I want to share a Slack channel in one of my U-M Slack workspaces with members of another U-M Slack workspace. How do I do this?


A Workspace Admin of the workspace in which the channel currently resides should complete a request in the Slack at U-M request form to request that the channel be shared with another U-M Slack workspace.

  • If you want to connect a channel(s) between more than two workspaces, submit an additional form request for each additional workspace
  • If you want to connect more than one channel between two workspaces, submit one form request and state which channels
    • You do not need to submit an additional form request for each channel


  • Both workspaces must be in U-M Slack
  • The channel will have the same privacy setting (public or private) in all places where it resides
    • A channel cannot be public in one workspace and private in another
  • If sharing to a workspace other than Maize & Blue, you must either:
    • Be a Workspace Admin of both workspaces (the originating and the one to which you're sharing) or
    • Provide the uniqname of a Workspace Admin of the second workspace who will be contacted by ITS to provide their authorization to have the channel shared to their workspace after you complete the form
  • Public channels cannot be shared with the Maize & Blue workspace; only private channels can be shared with Maize & Blue
    • If you have a public channel you want to share with Maize & Blue, your options are to make the channel private, choose a different workspace with which to connect or create your own new workspace to put the channel.
  • You cannot share the #general channel of one workspace with another due to its special status as a required channel in the workspace
    • Re-naming the #general channel of a workspace will not alter whether it can be shared
  • Neither Channel Managers nor Workspace Admins can rename multi-workspace channels. If you need to rename one, you will need to submit a request to the ITS Service Center, as only Org Admins can change the name for you.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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