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What is the file storage limit in U-M Slack?


The amount of storage space available in U-M Slack is dependent on the total number of members within the U-M Slack Enterprise Grid and is not limited to any given U-M Slack workspace or member.

  • Each member contributes 1 TB of storage space to the entire U-M Slack Enterprise Grid, adding to the overall total storage space available (i.e., Total U-M Slack Storage = 1 TB * Number of U-M Slack Members)
  • The storage space for U-M Slack is shared collectively among all U-M Slack workspaces and members
    • Each workspace and member can utilize more than the allotted 1 TB storage space as needed
  • Files stored in Google Drive or Dropbox can be added to Slack by installing the Google Drive and/or Dropbox apps in Slack
  • Messages sent in Slack do not count toward the storage limit, only uploaded files do

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