Stata License Renewal (ITAM)




How do I upgrade my Stata license?


  • If you are on a MiWorkspace computer, you should use the Software Center to update to version 16 (please see related articles for instruction).
  • Most Non-MiWorkspace customers are not provided with a Stata license.
  • LSA's Department of Economics is specifically licensing Stata/SE for personal machines for students in the PhD program. This is a self-serve process, and EHTS will provide support if students run into an installation problem. For the most up-to-date information about, "How does an Econ student renew their Stata/SE license?" can be found here:
    • Go to the ITAM SharePoint page to request the license and provide the required information. Note that only Econ PhD students have access to this site (as opposed to Masters or undergrads).
    • Once the license is granted you will receive an email with all the pertinent information.
    • Any questions or problems should be sent to with a note to assign to "ITAM (ITS-SoftwareServices)"

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