Econ Stata/SE licenses


How does an Econ student renew their Stata/SE license? (see additional notes below)


This software is being added to the Software Directory for general awareness to the campus community.

Service desk:
For tickets requesting this software to be installed, here are options or steps that apply to this software:

Self help:
- LSA's Department of Economics has licensed Stata/SE specifically for personal machines for students in PhD program. Econ has purchased stand-alone Stata licenses for their PhD students, so they can install them on their personal machines.  This will be a self-serve process, and the East Hall region will provide support if students run into an installation problem.


  1. Go to the ITAM SharePoint page to request the license and provide the required information. Note that only Econ PhD students have access to this site (as opposed to Masters or undergrads).
  2. Once the license is granted you will receive an email with all the pertinent information.
  3. Any questions or problems should be sent to with a note to assign to "ITAM."

Additional notes

ITAM Stata/SE licenses expire yearly on May 4th — not just Econ's licenses, but all of the licenses purchased through ITAM.  This KB only applies to the Econ department.  Users will start getting notifications of license expiration a few weeks before the May 4th date. 

You will receive instructions before the May 4th date on how to renew the license.

You can always go back to the SharePoint page if for some reason you misplaced your license information - once the license has been granted, it will appear at that page for future reference.

Note that SharePoint login needs to be in the form "umroot\uniqname" — this is part of the instructions that are sent, and below are the standard troubleshooting steps for someone who cannot login to a SharePoint page:

After April 1st:  All current license holders will receive an email with directions on renewing the license.  If you did not receive an email or your codes, try to resubmit the form, or contact


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