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3D Printing consultation & job submission

One-time data extracts from administrative systems. Individual and personal data must follow University Data Governance rules and may also require Dean’s Office Approval.

Administrative Applications include college wide systems covering financial, budgeting, procurement and salary services, graduate and undergraduate recruiting, and certain department specific applications across the College.

This Service Offering consists of multiple applications used by faculty advisors and department staff across UM for multiple purposes - to view student information; record advising interactions; maintain advisor/student assignments; manage academic reviews, LSA degree audits, NCAA eligibility evaluations, cross-campus communication of releases/declarations/exceptions, Sweetland Directed Self Placement records and more.

Digital Asset Management service to track library assets which are in stock, checked out, overdue or have late fees associated.

Assist client to arrange the most appropriate microphone and playback sound support for their needs.

Design, consult, install, repair and upgrade AV systems for LSA spaces. Instructional equipment and software requests. Classroom access management.

LSA TS Infrastructure group configures servers, firewalls, networks, and other computer devices to ensure that audit logs are appropriately configured and maintained.

The Media Center Mac and PC computer classrooms are available to all LSA departments for workshops and special instruction classes.

Produce ready-to-use videos with live camera, screen capture and audio for a variety of platforms

Collaboration, Edit and Demo room support a variety of activities such as group projects, audio/video editing and project demonstrations.

CLIF Notes provide a standardized methodology and data store for maintaining information about the resources held by research groups. It is intended to be a collaboration between researchers and the LSA Technology Services support organizations for delivery of more efficient and effective support.

Consultation, support and use of databases for collection management tools to assist researchers and museums in various specialized collections. Currently we support Specify and Collective Access in these areas.

Support for common LSA reporting systems such as Management Reporting System (MRS), KPI, Staff Metrics, and Dean’s Dashboard.

LSA faculty,staff and U-M students enrolled in LSA courses can check out a wide variety of audio/visual and computing equipment

Assistance with computer purchases & questions related to computer hardware purchases or replacements.

Assistance with failed computer hardware; computers not powering on, battery issues, hard drive failure.

Student success consultations, in-class instructional technology assistance, course focused instructional technology workshops.

Find insights in the data. Larger data and analysis projects that will help you with a specific business question or process.

Research Computing & Infrastructure staff are happy to help with understanding, selecting and managing storage based on size, type of data, type of access and location of analysis to be performed, exploring backup options suitable for your data, assisting in security of research data, assisting in locating long term archiving locations for research data.

FileMaker Server databases ONLY, versions 12 through latest, in both, general purpose environment, or in HIPAA compliant environment. Users can interact with their database either through FileMaker desktop application, or through a web browser. Compatible with Windows and OS X.

LSA provides network storage on a Department and Research PI level. This service can be requested to manage a persons access and obtaining audits of current access. Please note that access can only be administered with written permission of the respective Department Key Administrator, Executive Secretary, or Hiring Manager.

Requests and consultation for desktop back up services & storage options provided by the university.

The Digital Scholarship pilot service provides web platforms, provides expertise, and connects you with other scholars and resources for Digital Scholarship (DS) and Digital Humanities (DH) teaching and learning, research, and publishing.

The Digital Scholarship pilot service provides web platforms, provides expertise, and connects you with other scholars and resources for Digital Scholarship (DS) and Digital Humanities (DH) teaching and learning, research, and publishing.

The LSA TS Security team coordinates promoting security education and awareness and can facilitate training and exercises

Assistance with decommissioning outdated technology equipment and transferring to Property Disposition.

Hand-written paper exams are scanned after grading and are returned electronically to the students through M+Box

The LSA Faculty Life Cycle is intended to be the single site which incorporates historical data and administrative processes supporting our tenure track faculty, capturing milestones from recruitment to retirement.

Research Computing & Infrastructure staff will work with departments and faculty candidates to determine the size, composition, and cost of research computing resources appropriate for an offer package.

The LSA Field IT Equipment Evaluation and Demonstration Program provides members of the LSA community the opportunity to evaluate specialized IT solutions for field work before they invest their own funds.

Support and coordination for the various network storage services provided by the university.

U-M Google is a Google Workspace for Education software bundle that provides the core apps of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Sites, Classroom, and Hangouts. It also includes over 40 other apps designed to improve collaboration. Until October 2020 it was known as "GSuite."

Consulting for the integration of new services with LSA's existing technology infrastructure.

Course video creation, design of instructional media, instructional video production.

Course design, curricular integration of technology, grant project consultation, pedagogy focused seminars.

Recording of classes including audio, projected content and camera.

Live streaming of classes and events incorporating a single camera shot with audio and computer presentation content.

Help in coding, using, and storing output produced using Great Lakes campus-wide cluster computing, Visualization GPU computing, XSEDE cluster computing, Amazon Web Services, Custom Data Analysis machines including those used in the analysis of Big Data, and Support for Instructional Use of Great Lakes

The LSA TS Geographic Information System (GIS) consulting service provides assistance with a variety of mapping and geospatial-related topics, such as: Making maps, Geospatial analysis, Georeferencing, Geocoding, StoryMaps, Mobile GIS, Workshops, GIS software, Building GIS Apps

Theatrical-style auditorium screening of disc and digital media (including DCP) as well as 35 and 16mm film formats.

Audio and video reformatting from legacy media to digital files for use in the classroom environment.

Manage and maintain the configuration of our on-campus network firewall solutions.

Coordination, development, and maintenance of our on-campus network infrastructure.

LSA TS has in place an enterprise level firewall to provide another layer of network security. Thus allowing LSA TS to prevent many types of malicious network traffic coming from outside the university network.

Network Setup & Troubleshooting

Departments and units can sponsor people to get uniqnames, MCommunity Directory profiles, and computing services for them (and, in some cases, UMIDs). If your unit does not have a sponsorship administrator, please submit a request to LSA Technology Services for assistance.

Help with purchasing equipment for new faculty & staff, set up with drives, department access & resources.

On-premise web based password management tool, where teams of people can access and share sensitive password resources.

Questions about printing how-to, installing new printers, ordering supplies.

A limited service offering to provide and maintain a research data backup service for the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Assistance with integrating research equipment with technology, consulting about purchases & help with existing research computing hardware.

Research Computing & Infrastructure staff are happy to provide individual consulting to researchers to assist them in the design and acquisition of IT hardware, software, and service solutions that address research needs.

Design and development of custom software to support your research. Incorporation of lab-specific hardware into custom software applications. Debugging, repair, and improvements or upgrades to your existing code.

LSA Technology Services has partnered with ITS to offer up to two terabytes of storage to LSA faculty, LSA lecturers, and LSA GSRA/GSRI without cost to the individual or department.

Our in-person office hours are regularly scheduled times in locations around campus when we will have subject matter experts in geographic information systems, high performance computing, digital scholarship, and computer programming available for drop-in support.

LSA Research Computing and Infrastructure Services provides comprehensive research support.

Research Computing & Infrastructure staff are happy to help to work with instructors to provide instruction on the use of research computing tools and methodologies in the classroom and make arrangements for those tools to be available to the students to use to complete the coursework.

The LSA TS Security team can provide consulting on how to best secure technology in our technology environment

If you suspect there has been an information security incident, SPG 601.25 requires the incident be reported within 24 hours. The LSA TS Security team works in collaboration with the universities Information Assurance team to respond to security incidents as they arise.

Monitoring solution via Zabbix, an enterprise-class open source software package for monitoring networks, services, and services or applications.

Assistance with purchasing new software, installation and troubleshooting current software issues.

Arrange service provision technical aspects of AV design for presentations at events in campus event spaces.

Student organizations can request fee based room rentals for meetings and events through our Room Reservations request form.

Questions about integrating research equipment, software or accessories. Requests for student orientations, staff workshops or training.

Operations AV Technicians arrange appointments for in-room training for use of LSA-TS installed technology.

Technology Services facilitates the capability of live two-way interactive video connections on many different platforms.

Assist clients in choosing which of our several video services will best fulfill their specific needs.

The LSA TS Security team conducts monthly network vulnerability scans, focused on identifying system weaknesses before they can be exploited. Providing departments with valuable information ranging from systems that are new to their network to systems utilizing out of date software versions.

Support for department, program, faculty, lab, research, and course sites (non-Canvas). We provide consultation, setup, migration, support and analysis of sites.

Surveys & polling, cloud storage, Google, chat services, web hosting & apps, email

Research storage, UMRCP, high performance computing support, GIS, data management plans

Hardware support & repairs, hardware upgrades, data centers, server & workstation support

Mac, Windows & Linux operating system help, backup services, software purchasing & installation, mobile device support

Video conferencing tools, classroom equipment, loan, event support

Instructional tools, hybrid teaching, instructional multimedia, student resources

Printing how-to, 3D printing, MPrint

Virus & malware, network setup & security, authentication, wifi

Onboarding & off boarding, access requests, directories

Team Dynamix, project management, asset management, data reporting, application & registration tools, payment tools

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Data Use Agreements - LSA process

Process for data use agreements (will also require data management plan)

Unblocking Excel Spreadsheets With Macros

Microsoft blocks Excel spreadsheets with Excel Macros. Sometimes after clicking "Enable Content", it results in a pink banner that says, "SECURITY RISK Microsoft has blocked macros from running because the source of this file is untrusted."