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Anaconda Python in Randall Lab supported departments

Info about the anaconda setup in Randall Lab supported departments

Deleting all the Keychains for a specific user

How to remove all saved passwords in Keychain for a user

Fixing Microsoft Office 365 Mac Error after Update - "Your account uniqname@umich.edu doesn’t allow editing on a Mac"

Fix the Microsoft Office for Mac “View Only Your account uniqname@umich.edu doesn’t allow editing on a Mac. To learn more, contact your admin about your Microsoft 365 plan” error by having the user sign in and restart their computer.

IDL fails to acquire window rendering context when running PLOT()

Disabling hardware rendering can improve x11 forwarding functionality.

Installing Rclone and RcloneBrowser

RHEL 7 and 8 machines can access Dropbox with RCLONE and RCLONE Browser

Insufficient Rights Error When Running Bloomberg Professional Terminal

Instructions to Resolve Bloomberg Error: "You have insufficient rights to run the Bloomberg Professional Terminal. Would you like to launch a tool to set up proper permissions?"

Miracast issues on the U-M VPN

Possible steps to take if a user is having trouble screen sharing their laptop.

Pavlovia: Department of Psychology site license

Accessing Pavlovia software as a member of the LSA Psychology department.

Preventing Keychain from saving passwords

How to prevent Apple Keychain from saving passwords on the Mac OS.

Stata/SE Access for Econ PhD Students

Accessing Stata/SE as an Econ PhD Student

Unable to update Stata: Permission denied

When updating the Stata application on MacOS, you may need to change the folder permissions.

Zoom opens Outlook when Scheduling a Meeting

Zoom may open Outlook instead of Google Calendar, the setting is not obvious if you don't scroll down in the Schedule Meeting Window.