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Anaconda Python in Randall Lab supported departments

Info about the anaconda setup in Randall Lab supported departments

Deleting all the Keychains for a specific user

How to remove all saved passwords in Keychain for a user

Fixing Microsoft Office 365 Mac Error after Update - "Your account uniqname@umich.edu doesn’t allow editing on a Mac"

Fix the Microsoft Office for Mac “View Only Your account uniqname@umich.edu doesn’t allow editing on a Mac. To learn more, contact your admin about your Microsoft 365 plan” error by having the user sign in and restart their computer.

Installing Rclone and RcloneBrowser

RHEL 7 and 8 machines can access Dropbox with RCLONE and RCLONE Browser

Insufficient Rights Error When Running Bloomberg Professional Terminal

Instructions to Resolve Bloomberg Error: "You have insufficient rights to run the Bloomberg Professional Terminal. Would you like to launch a tool to set up proper permissions?"

Miracast issues on the U-M VPN

Possible steps to take if a user is having trouble screen sharing their laptop.

Pavlovia: Department of Psychology site license

Accessing Pavlovia software as a member of the LSA Psychology department.

Preventing Keychain from saving passwords

How to prevent Apple Keychain from saving passwords on the Mac OS.

Stata/SE Access for Econ PhD Students

Accessing Stata/SE as an Econ PhD Student

Unable to update Stata: Permission denied

When updating the Stata application on MacOS, you may need to change the folder permissions.

Zoom opens Outlook when Scheduling a Meeting

Zoom may open Outlook instead of Google Calendar, the setting is not obvious if you don't scroll down in the Schedule Meeting Window.