Accessing Comtrade trade data


How to access trade data from the UN - Comtrade system.


Most probably ECON Students


  1. You need to use a UMICH Computer – i.e., ECON LAB (367 – Lorch Hall) or a Library Computer (access is machine based)
  2. Create an account with Comtrade (They will give you one for free if you are coming from a UMICH IP Address - if you use the Library, UMICH already has a subscription). Visit the Legacy site: to setup your account by clicking on 'MyAccount' along the top menu bar.
  3. Once you have an account, you can submit data requests as batch files. They take some time (a day or so) but they can be quite large.
  4. Comtrade will email you when it is done and you can download the data. Visit the website here:

Additional notes

Verified via Comtrade on 5/4/2017


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