Virtru at U-M


  • Google, U-M GMail, University of Michigan
  • Eligible: Anyone with an active U-M Google email account


Questions about Virtru for encryption and enhanced control of Gmail messages


What is Virtru?

Virtru is a service that allows for end-to-end encryption and enhanced control of messages sent via U-M Google mail. It is enabled through the use of a Google Chrome extension.


  • Ability to encrypt individual emails
  • See if recipient has opened the email
  • Prevent an email from being forwarded
  • Set an expiry date beyond which the email cannot be read
  • Revoke the ability for a recipient to read an email after they have received it
  • Protect attached files

Requirements to Use

  • U-M Gmail account (not a Michigan Medicine Exchange account)
  • Google Chrome Chrome and the Virtru Email Protection Chrome Extension
  • May also work with Chromium-based browsers like Brave, but is unsupported by ITS and Virtru

Instructions to Install

How to Decrypt

  • Once you have installed the Chrome extension and activated your Virtru installation, messages decrypt automatically
  • Recipients without Virtru installed can use Virtru Secure Reader to unlock the message, after verification

Known Issues

  • Chrome may offer to translate the content of the message which is odd/confusing

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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