Slack Connect Error Message: "You'll need to ask to join this channel"


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I received a Slack Connect invitation from an external (non-U-M workspace), but when I chose the workspace to connect to, I receive a message that says:

"You'll need to ask to join this channel. Someone tried to share this channel with you but it looks like there's a privacy setting that doesn't allow you to join this way. You'll need to ask to join [channel name] from a member of the channel or your organization's admin." 


This message occurs when the external channel with which the external (non-U-M) workspace is attempting to share with a U-M workspace has already been connected with a different U-M Slack workspace within the Enterprise Grid. This may happen if multiple U-M users were sent Slack Connect invitations from the external workspace for the same external channel from that workspace.

It is recommended to reach out to the external workspace or U-M colleagues to determine who has set up Slack Connect with the channel, and bring all affected users into that channel so everyone can chat with the external workspace. Otherwise, the external workspace can invite users as single-channel guests instead

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