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How can a participant join a Google Meet meeting via phone.


Google Meet provides the option for participants to join via Phone. A participant can call into the meeting using the phone number listed in the Google Meet invitation or the host can call a participant into an active meeting. Instructions for using both of these options are below.

Joining Google Meet by Phone (Participants)

  1. Open the email or Google calendar invite to the Google Meet meeting
  2. Call the phone number shown under "Join by phone"
  3. When prompted, enter the "PIN" for the meeting listed in parenthesis next to the phone number. After entering the PIN, you must press "#" to submit it
  4. You will hear a recording that will confirm the number of people currently in the meeting

Inviting to Google Meet by Phone (Hosts)

  1. Start the Google Meet meeting at
  2. From within the meeting, select the "Add others" button
  3. Select the "Call" tab
  4. Enter the participants phone number
  5. Click the call button (ie. circular green phone button)

Additional Information

If you are a participant and do not know the dial-in phone number to join the meeting, you will need to reach out to the host of the meeting to provide the phone number for the meeting or to invite you in via a phone call. 

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