Set Up Job Search Notifications for U-M Careers Website


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How to create a job search and get email notifications when new jobs meet your criteria.


Note: You cannot be logged in to set up these notifications.  Use the Job Search from the main page.

  1. Connect to the Careers website (
  2. Choose the option to "Search Jobs"
  3. Enter your search criteria for the job family you want to track
  4. Click Search
  5. Review the search results. If you like the results and want to know about similar jobs as they are posted, scroll to the end of the results list.
  6. Add your email address to the field and select "Follow this feed via email."
  7. sends you a confirming email. Please follow the email instructions to receive notification of new jobs that are posted that match your search criteria.

Any new jobs that match your search criteria will be sent to you via email alert.


Additional Information

You must set up a search in order to receive notifications.

To unsubscribe from the feed, click the unsubscribe from this feed link in any RSS email message you receive for the jobs notification.


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