Third-Party Calendar Clients / Apps and U-M Google Calendar


U-M Google Calendar - (Applies to both individual accounts and Shared Accounts)


While this knowledge article applies to third-party calendar clients specifically, ITS recommends using only a web browser or applications or clients created and supported by Google to connect to U-M Google accounts (including Google Mail and Drive). Using third-party applications or clients (created by a group or company other than Google, such as Apple or Microsoft) can lead to unexpected results, including the risk of data loss.

In general, ITS does not provide configuration assistance or additional support for using third-party apps/clients with U-M Google accounts.

For additional support on calendar/mail accessibility, contact the ITS Digital Accessibility team.


  • How do I set up or configure a third-party calendar client (e.g., Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.) to access my U-M Google Calendar?
  • How do I sign in to U-M Google Calendar using a third-party calendar client/app?
  • The calendar on my mobile device isn't working - how do I fix it?


Recommended Ways to Access U-M Google Calendar

ITS recommends using only clients/apps created and supported by Google to connect to U-M Google accounts.

Other Third-Party Calendar Clients/Apps

  • You are not restricted from signing in to and/or using third-party calendar clients or apps (e.g., Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc.) with your U-M Google account.
  • However, ITS does not provide configuration assistance or additional support for using any third-party calendar clients.
ITS does not recommend using third-party clients.
Using a third-party calendar client with your U-M Google account is unsupported and is done at your discretion.
Only calendar clients that can sign in directly to your U-M Google account (via Google login and OAuth2) can be used.
• Any configurations other than signing in with your U-M Google account via OAuth2 (i.e., using basic authentication with less secure apps) will stop working beginning June 15, 2024, with a final deprecation on September 30.

Additional Information

  • There are several known issues when syncing your U-M Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook.
  • While Mozilla Thunderbird is recommended for U-M users when it provides a more accessible experience than the Gmail web application, it is NOT recommended for use with Google Calendar. There are several known issues when syncing your Google Calendar with Thunderbird, including random event deletions, the inability to properly sync all events, and the potential need to install another third-party extension.
  • For assistance or questions regarding third-party calendar clients, please contact the specific vendor's help center.
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