Setting up Thunderbird to use with U-M Google Mail


NOTE: The ITS Collaboration Team recommends using only apps and clients created and supported by Google or web browsers to connect to U-M Google accounts. Third-party apps and clients are created by a group or company other than Google. Google does not support the use of third-party apps or incidents that might result from using them.

To best accommodate accessibility needs for U-M Google users having issues with the web-based Gmail experience, ITS provides a way to auto-configure Thunderbird, which can be found below.

ITS does not provide additional support for any other third-party mail clients other than assisting in getting Thunderbird configured for use.

Thunderbird self-service support information can be found on Mozilla's support page.


U-M Google Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird


How do I set up Thunderbird for use with U-M Google Mail?


To configure Thunderbird:

  1. Install the Thunderbird application
  2. Open Thunderbird and, when prompted, check that your name is in the Your full name field and your U-M email address is in the Email address field. Do not enter a password
  3. Click Continue

The window will change, displaying the proper server settings for U-M Google accounts found in the Mozilla ISP database.

Note: The correct port numbers will also be auto-configured but will not be visible.

  1. Click Done
  2. Authenticate via U-M Weblogin (uniqname and Level-1 password) and Duo
  3. Click Allow to grant Thunderbird access to your U-M Google account

Thunderbird will begin connecting to your U-M Google account, and you can now access your email as desired.

Additional Information

ITS made changes in July 2022 to make it easier to configure Thunderbird for those who need to use it.

  • A profile that automatically configures Thunderbird is in place to ensure that the required security options (via OAuth2) are used to connect to Google
  • Additionally, the "Less Secure Apps" setting no longer needs to be enabled to use Thunderbird with your U-M Google account


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