Google: Unable to Share File in Drive / Flagged as Inappropriate


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I am trying to share a file in Google Drive, but Google has indicated the file has been flagged as inappropriate. What do I do?

The message you receive may look like this:

"Unable to share
This item may violate our Terms of Service - Request a review"


If a file you own is unable to be shared and is flagged as violating Google's Terms of Service / inappropriate by Google, you will need to request a review.

To request a review:

  1. Click the Share button on the top right of the screen when looking at the document.
  2. Click Request Review.

This will prompt Google to manually check the document and confirm it is okay to share. Unfortunately, ITS is unable to reverse the state of the document. However, if it has been over 48 hours since you requested a review and you still cannot share the document, please contact ITS, and a ticket to Google can be opened on your behalf. 

Additional Information

Need additional assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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