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I invited someone external to my U-M Slack workspace as a regular member. Because external users cannot be regular members in U-M Slack, I need to change them to a single-channel guest, but Slack is not allowing me to re-invite them.


When an external user is invited as a regular member, the only way to re-invite them as a single-channel guest is to deactivate and reactivate their Slack account. This part of the process can only be accomplished by ITS. Below are steps Workspace Admins should complete before and after ITS intervention on the external user's account.

Before Request 

  1. Before ITS moves forward with your request, remove the external user(s) from your workspace.
    1. Click University of Michigan at the top of the left channel sidebar.
    2. Hover over Tools & settings in the drop-down menu, and select Manage members.
    3. Select the relevant workspace from the drop-down and click Open.
    4. Enter the member's name in the Filter by name or email field in the top right.
    5. Click the three-dots icon to the right of the member's name you’d like to remove.
    6. Select Deactivate account from the drop-down menu.
  2. After you have removed the external user from your workspace, ITS can now complete the deactivation/reactivation of the account.
    1. If you have not already, make sure you have a ticket open with ITS by contacting the ITS Service Center.

After Deactivation and Reactivation

  1. After ITS deactivates and reactivates the external user(s), re-invite them as a single-channel guest
    1. Click the plus icon (+) in the lower-left corner of the desktop app.
    2. Select Invite people.
    3. Select the workspace to which you want to invite the guest from the drop-down and click Next.
    4. Enter the external user's email address in the To: field
    5. Select Guest from the Invite as drop-down menu
    6. Enter the channel name to which they will be added in the Add to Channels field
    7. Click Send.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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