Dropbox: Login Error "Unexpected Dropbox Error"

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User cannot log in to their account at dropbox.umich.edu because of the following error: "Unexpected Dropbox Error."



  • The most common reason of this error is a personal U-M Dropbox account
    • To check if there is a personal Dropbox account, head to Dropbox.com and type in your @umich.edu email address, if SSO does not prompt then there is an active personal account. Follow this KB.
    • If SSO does prompt, continue this list.
  • If you have a personal Dropbox account, you will need to remove your @umich.edu email address if it is listed as the secondary email address on the account
  • U-M Dropbox does not work if there are parentheses or slashes used in an individual's name
    • The most common use of this is when adding pronouns to the end of your name: for example John Smith (he/him/his) 
    • Log in to Wolverine Access self-service to remove the parenthesis from the name and use dashes instead: for example John Smith he-him-his​​​​
      • Note: Changing your Preferred Name in Wolverine Access will update the display name ONLY for Faculty, Staff, and Ann Arbor Students
  • You might be a member of another Dropbox Team account and will need to leave that account in order to join U-M Dropbox:
  • Your name could be incorrect in Dropbox

Additional Information

The error could also be a result of trying to log in at dropbox.com. Logging in at dropbox.umich.edu should resolve the issue as well.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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