Software Available to Sponsored Affiliates


U-M Sponsored Affiliates


Finding and accessing software available to Sponsored Affiliates


  1. Visit the U-M Software Directory 
  2. Using the left menu filter "Available To," select the desired role (i.e., Sponsored Affiliates)

In many cases, university-licensed software is not available to sponsored affiliates, and comes down to the type of sponsorship, the type of work being done with the software, and the specific details in the individual software license agreement. Affiliates should work with unit IT to determine what is available to them under sponsorship.

Other Software Listings

  • View other software on campus that may not already be represented in the directory
  • Visit the ITS Software Store to find and request licensed software available to faculty and staff (Shortcode required in some cases)
  • UmichITAM maintains a large shared software catalog, those affiliated with UmichITAM partner units should contact unit IT first to see if software is already available at no additional cost

*Contact unit IT to see if software listed in the above web pages is available to sponsored affiliates.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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