Getting Started with U-M Software Directory


U-M Software Directory: all Students, Faculty, and Staff across all three campuses and Michigan Medicine


What is the U-M Software Directory and how do I use it?


Description of the U-M Software Directory

The university provides access to numerous software titles and packages for students, faculty, and staff across all three campuses and Michigan Medicine. The U-M Software Directory aims to become a central library for finding this information. The initial library is populated with software titles and packages provided by partner units. More software titles will be added over time as additional units are onboarded.

Who can use the U-M Software Directory?

There are two roles: public viewers and content editors. No login is required to view public directory information. Content editors in partner units can add or modify existing information.

How do units partner to add their software titles? 

To get started, review the directory service page and complete the SWD101 training course in My LINC. The training should take about 20-30 minutes, and links to useful documentation explaining how software is managed in the directory. To request a consultation meeting, email and provide a few dates/times that work for you.

How do I use the U-M Software Directory?

  • Filters on the left navigation bar allow directory users to quickly find software based on their campus affiliation, university role, operating system accessing the software, permitted use, category, payment method, or some combination of these options
  • The Search bar looks for keywords in the detail pages of software titles, and is useful for finding individual software titles bundled in suites (e.g., searching for Photoshop returns the Adobe Creative Cloud result)
  • Every software title's detail page includes methods for accessing the software, which may include directly downloading from the publisher, visiting a physical lab or remoting into a virtual one, purchase options when applicable, or sometimes referring to unit IT support. Be sure to review all available options and select what fits your use case
  • The Get Support section on the right navigation bar can provide options for getting help with the license, help with using the software, or both
  • License Information near the bottom of the title details page provides summaries of restrictions on use ("Terms & Conditions") as well as links to online license agreements if available and expiration dates where relevant

Which browsers work best with the U-M Software Directory?

The directory works best with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Mobile browser performance may vary.

Additional Information

If you’re interested in partnering in the future to add your unit’s software titles to the directory, please contact ITS Software Services:

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.