Can I use Apps, Add-ons, and Integrations with Microsoft Teams?


U-M Microsoft Teams


Are individuals able to use apps and add-ons with the U-M instance of Microsoft Teams?


Eligible faculty, staff, and students on all three campuses (Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint) and Michigan Medicine can install and use add-ons and apps found in the Microsoft Teams App Store for the ITS-provided tenant of Microsoft Teams. ITS does not provide technical support for third-party add-ins, add-ons, or apps or the third-party services with which they integrate, except for those defined as "Supported" below.

Guidance for Third-party Add-ins, Add-ons, and Apps

  • Are only installable at the individual account level and only interact with data accessible to that individual’s account (unless it is added to a space where other users can access it).
  • Will not be installed for all users in Microsoft Teams.
  • Are not covered under our agreements with Microsoft.
  • Cannot be used with sensitive data, such as PHI or FERPA, unless otherwise noted in the ITS Sensitive Data Guide for the service.
  • May display advertisements, require additional terms of service agreements, have a separate privacy policy, or retain your information.
  • May behave in unpredictable ways.
  • May not work as intended if it interacts with services/features that are not available or enabled at the university (e.g., Microsoft Exchange).
Sensitive data should never be used with add-ins, add-ons, apps (even if the service they connect to is approved for use with one or more sensitive data types). You are responsible for ensuring that your use of U-M cloud collaboration services, including any add-ins, add-ons, and apps, complies with laws, policies, and regulations where applicable. You must also pay close attention to the data classification types used in documents created using add-ins, add-ons, and apps or in conversations via message or meeting within these services.

Teams Add-ins, Add-ons, and Apps Supported by ITS

ITS provides support for using the following Teams add-ins, add-ons, and apps.

  • Microsoft Teams Meeting Google Add-on
    • Note: This add-on is installed from your Google account, not your Microsoft Teams account. It is not visible in the Microsoft Teams App Store. However, it is listed here to denote that we do provide support for it.

Michigan Medicine and Microsoft Teams Apps

  • Michigan Medicine has a separate Microsoft 365 tenant and provides Microsoft Teams as a service to Michigan Medicine users. This article speaks to the app availability in the ITS-managed tenant of Microsoft Teams.
  • Michigan Medicine may make different decisions regarding the availability of apps for the Michigan Medicine tenant of Microsoft Teams.
  • If you are a Michigan Medicine user and find that you cannot install an app in Microsoft Teams, it is highly likely that you are using the Michigan Medicine tenant instead of the ITS tenant. Learn more and find support for Michigan Medicine Microsoft Teams.

Additional Information

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