Setting Up Michigan Medicine Outlook on Macintosh (Office 365)



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How to set up Michigan Medicine Exchange e-mail on Macintosh Computers using Microsoft Outlook (Office 365)


In 2021, Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) upgraded approximately 48,000 Outlook accounts from onsite servers to the cloud — marking the next major step in making the full Microsoft 365 (M365) experience available to everyone across Michigan Medicine.

Users will no longer need to use the VPN to connect the Outlook client on campus on MichMed Core machines. 

Outlook Web Client interface has changed dramatically, and now offer more functionality. Outlook through the Web can be accessed at using level 2 credentials to authenticate.

Connect Via VPN

Personally-owned and Izzy-Managed Macs (including MiWorkspace computers) must use the "UMHS SSL VPN" profile.

Activate Office 365

Note: Microsoft Office 365 must be activated for the user prior to taking any other step. If you have not yet activated Office 365, see Install and Activate Microsoft 365 for Mac

Set up Michigan Medicine Outlook

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook
  2. You will see a screen asking you to "Add <uniqname>" Click "Add Others"

    Page labeled Set up Your Email. It has an Outlook logo and the words "We found one email account/Do you want to add it?" Under that are two buttons: Add and Add Others

  3. At the next screen, enter "<uniqname>" as your email address and click "Continue"

    Page labeled Set up Your Email. It has an Outlook logo and the words "Please enter your email address" under that is a box labeled Email with a sample Under that is a button labeled Continue
  4. NOTE: If you get a variation of the following screen instead, you will want to click "Switch Back," which will cause Outlook to relaunch and you should reenter your "" e-mail address as above in step 3

    Page with triangle with exclamation point and the following text: Exchange is not supported. We can not add, and more text. Under the text are two buttons: OK and Switch Back.
  5. At the "Exchange" screen that follows, enter UMHS\youruniqname in the DOMAIN\username line and your Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password for the password and click "Add Account"

    Form with Method: Username and Password selected. Under that is field labeled Email Address which is populated with Under that is field labeled DOMAIN/username or Email with UMHS\uniqname. Password is filled in and Server field is empty.,
  6. After the account is added, click "Done" on the next screen and Outlook should start populating account data

    Final page with a green checkmark and has been added. Under that are two buttons: Add Another Account and Done

Additional Information

  • If Outlook is already installed/being used on a MacOS computer and you see a pop-up about "outlook was redirected to the server autodiscover[...]" you will need to check the box for "always use my response" and deny, then click Outlook > Preferences > Accounts and remove and re-add the account.

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