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I want to join a Microsoft Teams meeting by dialing in on my personal phone. How do I do that?


  1. You will need to first confirm with the host that they have a dial-in license to allow users to call into their meetings. More information about that process is here.
  2. Dial 1 906-256-0519‬ (this number is not toll-free) - Other available numbers depending on location are listed here
  3. You will be prompted for the Conference ID. In a Google Calendar event with a Microsoft Teams meeting, the conference ID will be listed. If you do no know your conference ID, consult the host of the meeting (the host can find the conference ID by going to More Actions > Meeting Details while in the meeting)
  4. The call will then prompt "If you’re the meeting organizer press star." If you are the host of the meeting, press star and enter your PIN. If you are not the host, you can skip this step and wait for the next prompt
  5. You will be prompted to record your name and press pound. This will let the host know who you are when you enter
  6. If a waiting room is turned on for the meeting you will hear "Please wait for the leader to admit you to the meeting" followed by music
  7. Once admitted, you will hear "You’re now joining the meeting."
Note: As a dial-in host, you are not prompted when a new user joins the meeting, so if the lobby is turned on and you do not have other hosts, you will be unable to admit users waiting in the lobby.

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