Lost Access to Slack Workspace / Regain Access to Slack Workspace


U-M Slack


I was previously a member of a Slack workspace in U-M Slack (such as umichWORKS or a private workspace), but I no longer have access.


  1. Can you login to U-M Slack at slack.umich.edu?
    1. If yes, continue to #2
    2. If no, then you are no longer eligible for U-M Slack based on your university affiliation
  2. If you see the workspace in the list of workspaces at slack.umich.edu, click on it and try to rejoin it
    1. If you cannot see it, or you can see it but not join it, proceed to step 3
  3. Contact the administrators of the workspace to request your access be re-added
    • It is possible that you accidentally left the workspace or an administrator accidentally removed you, and that your access removal was therefore unintentional
    • It is possible that a workspace administrator intentionally removed your access
    • ITS is not able to restore access to Slack workspaces once someone has left or been removed
      • Only workspace administrators may do this
    • If an administrator needs help or has questions about restoring someone's access to a Slack workspace, the administrator should contact the ITS Service Center for assistance

Additional Information

  • If a Slack workspace's membership is synced to an MCommunity Group or Canvas course(s), removal/departure from the MCommunity group or Canvas course would lead to removal of access to the Slack workspace, and re-adding the person to/rejoining the MCommunity group or Canvas course would restore their access to the Slack workspace
  • If the workspace is umichWORKS, refer to SLACK: umichWORKS Workspace Information for umichWORKS administrator contact information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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Mon 11/29/21 5:54 PM
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