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How do I print in Landscape with Hyland Virtual Printer?


The Hyland Virtual Printer does not currently support landscape printing at this time.  If your document needs to be printed in landscape mode, follow the recommended options below. 

  • If your document is a PDF:
    • When printing, select "Auto" as the option in the orientation section of the print panel.
    • Select Print.
    • Once captured into the Document Imaging, use the rotate buttons in the bottom left corner to change the orientation before saving the document.
  • If your document is not a PDF:
    • Either first save it as a PDF and follow the steps above for PDF documents  -or-
    • Ensure the document is saved locally on your computer and use the file capture option to load the document into the Document Imaging system instead of the Hyland Virtual Printer. 
    • More instructions about the file capture option can be found here:

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