Slack Connect Message: "University of Michigan has disabled Slack Connect"


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When I navigate to the "External Connections" / "Slack Connect" section of my U-M Slack app, I notice a blue message at the top stating the following message:

"University of Michigan has disabled Slack Connect
You don’t have permission to start conversations with external people. Want to change that? Ask an admin for help."


Slack displays this message because the ability to use Slack Connect to start a direct message (DM) with someone in an external (non-UM) Slack workspace is restricted in U-M Slack. However, the message is misleading, as Slack Connect is available and enabled for Workspace Admins to start a channel with an external workspace. (In order to DM an external user, you first have to be a member of a Slack Connect channel with their organization/workspace.)

For most cases, you can ignore this message if you are a Workspace Admin and continue to follow the instructions for starting a channel with an external workspace. If you are a regular member or guest, the message still applies to you.

Additional Information

Attached to this article is a screenshot of the error message.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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Mon 10/9/23 2:04 PM
Mon 10/9/23 2:04 PM