Deactivate Google Chat and Meet in Gmail Sidebar


Google Mail, Chat, and Meet


How do I deactivate (turn off) Google Chat and Meet in Gmail sidebar?


Note: If you turn these features off, you will no longer receive notifications from Google Chat or Meet. We recommend you leave it on for work use. 

  1. Click “Settings” (gear icon) in the top-right corner
  2. Click “See all settings” within the drop-down
  3. Select the “Chat and Meet” tab
    1. To deactivate the Google Chat section, select “Chat off
    2. To deactivate the Google Meet section, select “Hide the Meet section in the main menu
  4. Click “Save Changes” when you are done

Important: When you deactivate Google Chat in Gmail, you will also deactivate "Rooms." If you wish to continue to use rooms in the new Gmail experience, you will need to leave Google Chat on. In short, turning off Chat will turn off the accompanying rooms component.

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