Inviting Users to a Channel in Maize & Blue


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I want to invite users to a channel in the Maize & Blue workspace. How do I do this?


Eligible U-M users can be added to a channel in the Maize & Blue workspace:

  1. Open the channel to which you'd like to add people
  2. Click the cluster of profile pictures in the top right
  3. Click Add people
  4. To add a few people, search for the members you'd like to add by name or email address
    1. To add a large group (like an MCommunity group), paste the list of names or email addresses into the field
  5. Click Add when you are done
NOTE: If you invite someone who may be ineligible to use Slack, they will be unable to log in or join Maize & Blue. You will not receive any message indicating that an invitee is ineligible, so we recommend reviewing who is eligible to join the U-M instance of Slack.

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