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Budget Check an ePro Requisition Prior to Submitting for PO Processing

Instructions on running Budget Check from the My Requisitions page

Check Budget and Resolve Error on an ePro Requisition

How to Budget Check a Requisition and resolve Errors on an ePro Requisition.

ePro Requisitions - Add / View Attachments

Add Attachment to Requisition
View Requisition Attachment
.pdf or .tif are the only file types allowed
A Requisition must be saved and assigned a number to activate the View Document link

MPathways SOA Reporting "I don't see XXX transaction on my SOA..."

When posted transactions don't appear on the SOA carefully double-check the chartfields used on the transaction.

Requisition: Unable to Edit or Delete Line

Split Chartfields cause a rounding error, unable to delete or update line.

Searching for a Voucher

Tips for searching for vouchers on Voucher Find an Existing Value page.