Data Being Added Conflicts with Existing Data Error in Budget Reallocation


MPathways Financials


  • An error can happen during budget reallocation activities in certain cases:
    • multiple windows are open looking at the same Budget Reallocation
    • tables or records used on the budget reallocation have changed since it was first started


  1. Exit from M-Pathways completely
  2. Clear cache (you may be able to skip this step, but if the error persists it is not optional)
  3. Return to Budget Reallocation
    • Select REFRESH (hit OK on any pop-up)
    • Select SAVE AS DRAFT or attempt to resume editing

Additional Information

If the steps above do not work, the Requester listed at the top of the form or the SAPOC can delete the Budget Reallocation and start a new one.

** Each Project/Grant has a SAPOC **


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Thu 12/10/20 2:24 PM
Tue 12/15/20 3:21 PM