Error Message when Viewing Voucher Document: Cannnot Find a Valid Document With These Keys


M-Pathways Financials


Error received when viewing documents on  a Voucher

"Cannot find a valid document with these keys: FIN PO AND NON PO VOUCHERS, ########## Failure  (27300, 17) (27300,17)

No document found in Imaging. Please contact the ITS Service Center 734-764-HELP (764-4357) if further assistance is needed."


  • The error is displayed if there is no document with the voucher # in the imaging system
  • It will also display if the attachment has a file extension other than .tif or .pdf
    • .tif and .pdf are the only two file extensions viewable in M-Pathways
    • If there is an image with a bad file extension saved (not .tif or .pdf ) the message will display - Shared Services will need to save the image with the correct file type and delete the bad file extension to remove the error.
  • The document may be able to be viewed directly within the imaging system

Additional Information

Images are not available for eSettlements invoices or non-PO voucher images with an invoice type Special Handling.

If an image is available directly in the imaging system but saved with the wrong file extension SSC will be able to correct the saved file extension for the image.  A ticket should be escalated to SSC Accounts Payable.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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Tue 5/24/22 1:28 PM
Fri 8/11/23 5:38 PM