Budget Check an ePro Requisition Prior to Submitting for PO Processing


 M-Pathways, Fin Financials, eProcurement


Check the Budget on an ePro Requisition to identify if there is an error prior to it being submitted for PO processing


Create and Save the Requisition (do not use Submit).

  1.  Return to My Requisitions (Using the drop down ellipsis- 3 vertical dots on the right side of the blue ribbon) 
    1. Enter applicable filter criteria if necessary to display the Req ID just created
    2. Verify the Budget Status value for the Req is Not Chk'd
    3. Run the Budget Check process from the drop down Actions button on the left side of the requisition number
      1. Status is Valid – The ePro req passed the budget check process
        • Select Edit from the drop down Actions button to finalize and Submit the Req for PO processing
      2. Status is Error – The ePro transaction failed the Budget Check process
    4. Select Edit from the drop down Actions button on the Req line
    5. Select the red Error link  (located below Justification Comments) on the Edit Requisition page to identify the error

Additional Information

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Note: Expected system enhancement Fall of 2022 which will provide a Budget Check option from the Check out Page.

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