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How to Add / View an Attachment or Document to a Requisition


Add Attachment to New Requisition

  1. Follow steps to Create a new Requisition
  2. Once on the Checkout page 
    1. Click Add Attachment
    2. Click My Device
    3. Navigate to and Open the file (.pdf or .tif are the only file types allowed)
    4. Click Upload
    5. Click Done
    6. Click View to verify the document uploaded​​​​​​
      1. Note:  Once a Requisition has been saved and assigned a number, the View Document link is active - documents will be retrieved from the Imaging System
    7. Repeat steps a-f to attach additional files
  3. Click Done

View an existing Requisition's Attachments

  1. Navigation:  Payments & Purchasing Home Page Tile > My Requisitions
  2. Use filter to retrieve the requisition 
    1. Select Edit in Actions drop down
    2. Select Shopping Cart
    3. Select Checkout
    4. Click on View Attachments hyperlink
    5. Do not save changes; close the requisition pages to exit without saving


  •  ePro Checkout will only allow .pdf or .tif file types
    • Requisition Approvals will allow other file types however, it is not recommended; a warning message is displayed
  •  Documents can also be viewed using the View PO Documents link on the Purchase Order Inquiry page
  •  Documents can also be viewed by using the Document Imaging System; search for Req or PO ID
  •  If attachments have been added to a requisition, when the Purchase Order Batch jobs run, a process will update the FIN REQUISITION Drawer in the Imaging System with  the Requisitions corresponding Purchase Order
    • This will allow users to also view their attachments via a View Documents link located under the Edit Comments link on the Add/Update PO page

Additional Information

If you do not have access to edit or view the document, contact Procurement.Services@umich.edu or the Central Procurement Buyer to obtain a copy of the document.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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