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Editing a requisition or purchase order


M-marketsite POs cannot be changed* if the following conditions exist:  

  1. Before a Purchase Order (PO) is created (or "built" or "sourced"), the requisition can be changed. This will not impact POs, because they have not been created yet
    1. If there is a contract on a line, the the following fields can NOT be changed
      • Price
      • Category
      • Supplier ID
      • Unit of Measure
    2. If an Asset Category is being used, the Chartfield Account is assigned automatically and can not be changed
  2. If the status is PO(s) Dispatched. Note: If there is a contract on a line, the Price, Category, Supplier ID, or Unit of Measure can't be changed
    1. The only lines that can be changed are
      • Line Description
      • Quantity
      • Price - 
      • Ship To Location
      • Due Date
    2. If any of these lines are being changed, this constitutes a Change Request

When a Change Request is created, the following will happen:

  • The PO will be amended (information added to the existing PO)
  • The PO# will stay the same
  • The new PO will not be dispatched (sent to the supplier)
  • It is up to the buyer (or the person making the change) to contact the vendor to inform them of the changes, using whatever communications method is preferred by the vendor

If a requisition is edited and something is changed other than the items listed above, the PO will not be amended. Instead, a second PO will be created with only the new items. For example, if the change is an additional item, a PO will be created for only that item. This new PO will be dispatched as normal.

If a vendor requests items be added to an existing PO, this cannot be done. A new PO would have to be created, either by editing a requisition (as described above) or by canceling the PO and creating a new PO with all items on it.

M-marketsite requisitions cannot be changed, however shortcodes can be changed after returning to ePro, but they have to be changed on a line-by-line basis. Address changes and additional line items added cannot be made after returning the lines to ePro. You will need to go back into Marketsite and re-create the cart using the correct address. 

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