Cancel a Requisition or Purchase Order


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Canceling an eProcurement requisition or Purchase Order. Removing a requisition from a worklist.


If the M-marketsite Requisition or a Special Request requisition is NOT sourced or built into a purchase order (PO), follow the steps below to cancel:

  1. Select Cancel from the Related Actions list for the desired ePro req
  2. Click Yes to the message "This will cancel your entire requisition. Are you sure you want to do this?"
  3. Click OK to the "Requisition xxxxxxxxxx Canceled."
  4. The requisition is updated to show
    1. A Request State of Canceled
    2. A Total of 0.00

Note: The requisition has to have a valid budget check before it can be canceled. All but the first line can be deleted on the requisition; cancel must be used if the first line is not needed or if the user is trying to delete the entire requisition.

Note: If you receive the following message: "This requisition cannot be canceled. The requisition is on hold for further processing." Contact Procurement Services about taking the requisition off hold.

Note: if the PO has to be canceled, the Procurement admin team will reach out and ask that you cancel first with the supplier. Some departments will have a contact person for the supplier, however if yours does not, find a Supplier Contact at

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